Tests d'équilibre avec Tekscan


Balance is a key component in evaluating mobility and performance. An athlete can have all the strength and speed in the world, but if they can’t control their body and weight distribution, they may never reach their full potential. Imagine Lebron James driving the lane, getting ready for takeoff… then stumbling and crashing into the third row. More often, he weaves through a crowd of players, absorbs contact, and maintains enough control to still make a shot. You can bet that he and other elite athletes spend a lot of time on balance and agility to do what they do.

On the other end of the spectrum, imagine an elderly person with limited mobility. His/her independence depends on simply being able to get around on their own, but imbalances can lead to missteps and fall-risks, creating a huge impact on their quality of life. Working towards improved balance and mobility or prescribing necessary walking aides can make a world of difference for the elderly.

Both of these cases emphasize the importance of balance. Whether working in sports, rehabilitation, research, or clinical cases, an accurate and objective balance assessment provides valuable metrics. Tekscan has developed force measurement systems to provide that data, which is the first step toward improvement.

Balance Assessment Mat Systems

These systems have been developed to help both clinicians and researchers gather data and assess balance and stability for their subjects, which can range from children to the elderly, and even elite athletes. Our mat systems have various capabilities based on their design, and several different applications with the available software.

Portability, durability, and versatility are staples of our mat systems, and we’ve developed several types to suit all needs. Each system also has varied degrees of sensor resolution. Visit THIS PAGE for information on each of our mat systems.

Balance Assessment Software

Tekscan’s SportsAT™ software includes Better Balance Essentials, a set of innovative tools that enable complete balance testing.

-Use the Balance Compass™ for balance training and screening.

-Evaluate chronic ankle instabilities with the time-to-boundary calculation.

-Objectively assess stability through Center of Force (CoF) movement and velocities.

-Easily identify asymmetries through weight distribution.

-Identify various origins of imbalances with the Spectral Sway analysis.

Additionally, Tekscan has developed SAM™ (Sway Analysis Module). SAM is the ideal tool to analyze sway and assess postural stability by detecting and measuring key stability parameters that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye. Sway analysis can help to uncover any underlying dysfunctions such as musculoskeletal and neurological problems.

For clinicians and researchers alike, balance can be a challenging yet important assessment. With these tools, Tekscan enables you to gather objective and accurate data. Whether you’re trying to help a patient improve their mobility, an athlete achieve peak performance, or simply gather valuable information for a study, Tekscan has you covered.

Check out the video below to see one of our balance assessment systems in action