Vidéo : Que se passe-t-il dans vos chaussures quand vous courez ?


Balance and symmetry is vital to all human movement, but especially important when it comes to gait analysis. Abnormalities and asymmetries can signal underlying health problems, many of which may go unnoticed by visual observation alone. Truth be told, humans have a tendency to mask these abnormalities through compensations.

Identifying visual abnormalities when walking can be challenging, but those challenges are compounded when trying to evaluate performance of someone sprinting at full speed.

One validated method to understand gait dynamics while running is with the help of in-shoe pressure mapping technologies, such as the F-Scan system.

This brief video, narrated by Marshall Kendall, PhD, shares some helpful user tips for analyzing running data with the F-Scan system, including:

How to identify asymmetries and changes in amplitude between left and right feet

How to analyze heel vs metatarsal regions F-Scan graphs and reports

How to track the Center of Force of each foot through the gait cycle, and more