Vidéo : Apportez votre laboratoire sur le terrain, le court, la piste et partout ailleurs


In sports and athletics research, there’s nothing quite like being able to capture quantifiable performance data from the arenas and venues where athletes perform. Much of biomechanics research focuses on improving or optimizing human movement. Moreover, having actual in-shoe gait analysis provides many more insights that cannot be captured by most gait analysis methods.

Force plates and motion capture systems are common gait analysis technologies, but are confined within the walls of a gait lab. This becomes a challenge when researching running, rowing, bike riding, skateboarding/snowboarding, skiing, and other on-the-go athletic activities.

Using an F-Scan™ in-shoe system, however, gives the researcher better clarity on their subject’s performance in real-world scenarios, without being tied down by a technology’s limitations.

See How F-Scan Offers Total Versatility and Freedom for Athletics Research