Caractérisation des pièces en composites carbone


Using Axiom as part of a programme of repeatable periodic data gathering to feed in-house predictive wear and failure models helps to improve useful life without risking reliability.

Accurate strain measurement across multiple points of the component allows baseline strain data to be gathered and compared to strain measurements after each race weekend.

This enables the use of predictive analytical methods to model the expected failure point of the component and its current wear cycle and trend.

Traditional strain measurement methods, such as custom mechanical rigs with Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDTs), are often problematic due to compliance in the test rig and in any non-composite elements of the component such as bearings.

In some cases, the test rig has greater inherent compliance than the component itself, leading to potentially significant errors that could make the test useless for predictive failure analysis purposes.

Axiom eliminates this problem by directly measuring the carbon composite element of the component using Imetrum’s video-based Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms and 3D optical head.

Being able to track multiple target points in the area of interest with a capture frequency of up to 120Hz during a live test and resolutions of between 0.03 and 0.4 μm (microns) provides assurance that the measured values are related to the component health and not compliance in the test rig.

More advanced visualisations of strain are possible by applying a speckle pattern to the component surface.

On board post processing of the captured test video, allows features such as sub-surface cracks to be identified.

Axiom is available in a range of pre-calibrated volumes for components up to approximately 750 to 850mm in length and/or width.

Pre-calibrated measurement volumes simplify the set up and testing process; allowing for rapid turn-around and batch testing that is efficient for technicians to complete.

Video retention and post-processing capability allow historical test results to be revisited and re-analysed.

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